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In Phase 1: Feel Better; we utilize a “corrective activation” process to develop structural integrity. We emphasize the essentials of mobility, stability, posture and efficient movement. Expected outcome: Feel Better.

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Do You Want To Move Better?

In Phase 2: Move Better; we utilize an integrative full-body movement process to improve coordination and load-bearing. We focus on movement health and fitness integrity prior to placing your body under more stress in Phase 3. Expected outcome: Move Better.

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Do You Want To Perform Better?

In Phase 3: Perform Better; we utilize an integrated performance process to develop physical and athletic integrity. We focus on managing ground reaction forces and improving functional thresholds. Expected outcome: Perform Better.
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Do You Want To Recover Better?

Recovery: Work + Rest = Success. To optimize your health and performance, it is essential to exercise balance in the areas of Mindset, Recovery, Nutrition/Hydration, and Movement. Incorporated into daily habits, balancing these four fundamentals serve as a Force Multiplier to help you succeed now—and for life to Feel, Move, and Perform Better.

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When all else is equal, those who can manage Ground Reaction Forces optimally Feel, Move, and Perform Better.

UpRight Movement is on a mission to help change lives for the better. We provide athletic education for everyone with a focus on pain-free movement and health.

At UpRight Movement, we are dedicated to providing post-rehab, injury reduction, and performance training for people who live life to the fullest. Major focus is placed on decreasing injury risk and enhancing performance of those in the game of life and other athletes in sports.

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Return From Injury


The answer to this question of return to activity is critical because a previous injury is the number one cause of any injury whether it is a concussion, sprain, or pulled muscle. Return to activity refers to the point during the injury recovery process when a person is able to go back to moving, working, or playing at a pre-injury level. Using our qualifying processes, UpRight Movement is able to base return to activity on simple, repeatable, objective measures as well as three levels of clearance; Pain, Quality and Quantity.


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I was in need of having a total knee replacement in one knee. For six months or so, UpRight Movement helped me get into a condition that would be more conducive to successful physical therapy and recovery after surgery. Apparently, UpRight Movement did everything right because I recovered quite a bit quicker and more fully (regained more motion in the knee) than is typical following this surgery. I highly recommend UpRight Movement to anybody looking for training to help them improve their life and their lifestyle. UpRight Movement has improved my gait and my balance. I am in better shape. My posture is improved; I’m actually a half-inch taller now than when I first started. I look better and feel better. Gary Hendrickson

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Movement Signature: Performance Testing and Training

Movement Signature: Performance Testing and Training

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Sir Isaac Newton   Minimize Injuries, Maximize Performance Intelligent software seeking out marginal gains: Those one percent differentiators that will take you from good to great.   The primary limiters of human physical movement and performance is our biological state and how well we interact with the ground and gravity. Our ability to function and perform is limited by how well we can recover from a multitude of seen and unseen stressors, in addition to managing ground reaction forces that move up the body and cause injury problems. At Upright movement, we have previously addressed these limits with our Regeneration Guidelines, Daily Regeneration Monitor, and Standards. We feel that UpRight Movement has a responsibility to you and thus we are constantly evolving to be better, so that you’re better, and able to pass that “better” along to others in your life. We’re excited to announce the addition of the MICROGATE System to the arsenal of tools we use to help you mitigate these limits, improving your resilience and helping you to feel, move, and perform better in life. Using an infared LED field, and accelerometer, gyroscopic, and magenetometer sensors, we are able to gather objective, science-based data on your movement patterns, force generation, and kinesiologic performance. All theses variables create a unique Movement Signature. Our performance specialists can use this data on your own personal signature to provide clear, objective, measurable-data-based insight into individuals’ performance potential, allowing a more direct path toward developing their resilience, and in the event of misfortune, providing objective benchmarks during the return-from-injury phase, and...
Master the Essentials: 4 Sources of Athletes’ Reduced Risk For Injury

Master the Essentials: 4 Sources of Athletes’ Reduced Risk For Injury

“From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth.” Jacques-Yves Cousteau   Injury/Pain is not the enemy it is a signal from your body that requires responsibility.   To reduce your risk of injuries a proactive approach is fundamental, involving a practice that places an emphasis on the four UpRight Movement Principles of: Mindset, Recovery, Nutrition/Hydration, and Movement. Here’s how to protect your investment in yourself by maximizing four of the leading sources of success.   1. Restorative Sleep: Wake and sleep with nature’s rhythms of light and dark. Expose yourself to fresh air and natural sunlight daily. Avoid caffeine after 12 PM. Avoid alcohol and try to minimize consumption of grains, sugars, and artificial sweeteners close to bedtime. Start winding down 2 hours before bedtime and dim the lights in the house, (incl. TV and Computers). Make bedroom dark and cool. Rest when tired, and sleep deeply by 10 PM for 8-10 hours. 2. Restorative Nutrition: Hydrate your body with quality water- approximately .5 – 1 oz. per pound of body weight. Minimize your intake of other beverages like sodas, energy drinks, fruit juices, teas, coffees, and alcohol. Limit your intake of processed-grains, sugar, artificial sweeteners, nicotine and/or narcotics. Nourish your body with quality, fresh, nutritious whole food that is optimal for your genetic needs and health. Eat breakfast soon after awakening. Chew your food thoroughly, enjoy and be grateful for your food, which supports your life. Eat regularly, avoid eating when overly hungry, and eat slowly until satisfied. 3. Durability: Develop Quality Symmetrical Mobility, Balanced Posture, Motor Control, Postural Control, Efficient Movement Pattern Skills, Optimal Strength...
Nutrition: Fuel For It

Nutrition: Fuel For It

“Food is far more than fuel; it’s a language that programs every function of your cells.” Catherine Shanahan, MD, Deep Nutrition   Due to UpRight Movement’s dedication to providing you with “best in practice” services we are now referring clients to Origins Nutrition (Nutrition Services) if we feel they could benefit from nutrition counseling in their wellness program. To help fulfill our shared vision and sense of responsibility to upgrade lives, we offer 10 – 20% savings on our services when...
Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring

“The first wealth is health.” Ralph Waldo Emerson   UpRight Movement is now offering gift vouchers for INTAKE + for the upcoming holiday season; so you can share the gift of health and fitness. Contact us to purchase the $200 value for $139. Gift vouchers are available for purchase until December 31, 2016....
Flexibility + Strength = Mobility

Flexibility + Strength = Mobility

If you tighten the string too much it will snap and if you leave it too slack, it won’t play.   With great flexibility comes great responsibility, (i.e. Flexibility + Strength = Mobility.) Or You wouldn’t drive your car without brakes. MOBILITY — Increasing Joints Ability to Move Joint Structure – Bone – Ligament – Capsule Physiological – Muscle – Tendon Neurological – Fascia – Tone — Multi-Variant — Multi-Planar — Functionally Driven = What it Produces, Not What it Looks like. STABILITY (Reflexive Strength) Control in the presence of change Functional Stability — Motor Control — Timing of Tonic and Phasic Muscles Contracting Smaller “Local” muscles (stabilizers) and bigger “Global” muscles (the big movers) Stabilizing and Mobilizing Passive Stability — Joint Capsules, Ligaments — Joint “Centration” (the stabilization and stacking of the joints along a central axis) Dependent on Motor Control The body is an interdependent kinetic system, and relies on a balance of flexibility and stability. As with many other aspects of movement (Bio-Motor Skills) too little or too much can cause an imbalance. Congenital laxity can be a major problem from a medical perspective. Movement – based and athletic implications aside, hypermobility may not always be benign. The Beighton Scale, Hypermobility Screen is as below with an interval scoring system. 1. Extend the little finger over the back of the hand — if 90 degrees or greater Score: 1 Point Left 1 Point Right 2. Flex the thumb toward the forearm — if the thumb touches the forearm Score: 1 Point Left 1 Point Right 3. Extend the arm — if 10 degrees or more of...
Practicing Awareness: Body Scan

Practicing Awareness: Body Scan

“Without loving-kindness, staying in pain is just warfare.” Pema Chödrön   Being mindful is to have a conscious awareness of the present moment; to allow the full experience of humanness to occur- allowing thoughts, feelings, sensations, whatever shows up to simply exist. The conscious mind is our objective or thinking mind, however the subconscious mind stores and retrieves everything that has ever happened to us and controls 90% of our lives. The practice of being present provides access to the subconscious mind and Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), which contains an enormous amount of knowledge, memories, wisdom and recovery processes that we are likely underutilizing. One of the primary ways to access the subconscious mind is meditation. It can simply be a period of awareness where you stop everything you’re doing and simply pause to notice what shows up in stillness and silence. The Body Scan is one practice that can help you to begin to manage your subconscious mind. Find a quiet, comfortable place to lie down or sit. Put aside anywhere from 5-45 minutes for the scan. The time you allot will affect how slowly or quickly you move from one area of your body to another. UpRight Movement helps to support the positive management of  Your “BODY SCAN”, with its newest Body Scan handout. Improve your Mindset and make progress toward your goals by leveraging UpRight Movement Principles. Aid your Recovery, Health and manage Stress so you can feel better, move better, and perform better! The Pillars of long lasting change are: Mindset, Recovery, Nutrition/Hydration, and Movement. For further assistance see UpRight Movement’s Regeneration Guidelines.   Click...