Fall Prevention: From the Ground Up!

Fall Prevention: From the Ground Up!

“If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl. But whatever you do, keep moving.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



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Sometimes we all fall down- it’s just that simple. We all learn this when we’re young.  No matter what your age or activity level- from babies to seniors- we all move through life knowing we will sometimes fall down. As babies falling is part of learning to walk- as kids, skinned knees are just part of growing up. As we age however, falling becomes both more common and more of a risk.  Whether your focus is fall prevention, injury reduction, or even learning to stay stable while upright or fall safely in a martial-arts setting- the principles are the same, and UpRight Movement is here to help you with our new Fall Prevention workshop.

UpRight Movement takes a reverse engineering approach to falls. We help you to establish controlled spinal stability and hip/shoulder mobility, which provides a healthy foundational base. This “Back to Basics” approach allows us to safely advance to more complex movements and eventually walking.

Remember the way that movement evolves in infants. They move on their backs until one day this action allows them to roll over, initializing the hip crossover movement. Soon they progress to crawling, standing and, finally, walking. With each step, they realize how to stabilize their bodies. Aging reverses that process. Many people lose the ability to squat and maintain their balance, creating poor posture. Eventually, they lose the ability to stand, surrendering the fundamental movement patterns they developed as toddlers. But instead of conceding this as an unavoidable part of aging, look at getting older as a process of taking these movements to new levels.

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The focus will be on introducing the UpRight Movement Approach and the Why, How, and What of Movement. Participants who choose to sign up for UpRight Movement training services afterwards will receive a 10% savings. Requires 4 – 10 participants for workshop to be conducted.

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