Frequently Asked Questions

What is UpRight Movement?

UpRight Movement is a developmental-based movement approach informed by functional anatomy, human biology and Newtonian physics. These are the non-biased constructs and confines within which the human body operates. UpRight Movement is influenced by the injury rehabilitation and sports performance fields, bringing a seamlessly integrated approach that bridges the gap between rehabilitation and performance.

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Why UpRight Movement?

An Individual’s Abilities + Expected Movement Demands = Proper Movement Based Planning

UpRight Movement values an intelligent systematic approach of checks and balances qualifying movements for precision and clean movement mechanics. There are three clearances that we adhere to prior to advancing you: Pain, Quality and Quantity.

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What makes UpRight Movement so different and successful?

UpRight Movement takes a holistic approach, looking at the beginning, middle, and end points of movement. We consider a hierarchy of movement that is built upon the foundation of mobility (flexibility + strength) and stability (reflexive resistance to change, e.g., in walking gravity attempts to pull us down while we resist and stay upright). This foundation involves musculature that is functionally more postural in nature with finer motor control, and from which gross muscles and movements operate. These essentials when in place provide efficient support to higher demand activities, minimizing over compensation of movement and reducing injury potential. Expected outcome: improved results.

UpRight Movement also considers the other remaining hours within the day, and the other variables and stressors that may take away from your results. It is vital you consider recovery just as important as training, for they are interdependent.

Regeneration: It is important to understand that everything in the system will break you down and this is the time when we educate and execute regeneration strategies to ensure optimal performance during future training sessions.

Seamlessly integrated throughout the entire training continuum is the principle of:


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What does UpRight Movement not do?

UpRight Movement does not fix people. UpRight Movement takes a big picture view in the beginning with intake. Our formula: An Individual’s Abilities + Expected Movement Demands = Proper Movement Based Planning. Strategies are recommended to help address abilities and demands. It is paramount we work these strategies, so as they work for us. Training for real, sustainable results is a process requiring consistency over time. Usually the longer and greater an imbalance has been established the equal or greater our consistency is required. UpRight Movement DOES have the knowledge, the tools, and the dedication to support you.

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What is UpRight Movement’s Intake?

An Individual’s Abilities + Expected Movement Demands = Proper Movement Based Planning

There are at least three filters that we may use to determine a starting point for your program, which help us to identify your functional symmetry, limitations, and risk of injury.

Fundamental: Breathing, Gripping, Head-Eye Tracking, Reaching, Leg Raising, Supine, Rolling, Prone, Hip Flexion/Extension, Short Foot Posture.

Transitional: Quadruped, Rotary Stability, Trunk Stability, Crawling, Half Kneeling, Full Kneeling.

Functional: Lunging, Stepping, Squatting, Carrying, Gait, Skipping, Running, Deceleration, Acceleration, Jumping, and Hopping.

Together these movement filters provide us with an accurate picture of your movement and performance capacity. Based on the information gathered during the Intake Session we can identify areas of opportunity for improvement and help to establish training routines that support you in feeling, moving, and performing better.

What you take away from the intake session:

  • Prehab (or pre-habilitation) is a proactive approach to injury prevention and reduction.
  • Restorative exercises that focus on postural muscles and developmental movements.
  • Approximately 90 minutes


When preparing for, and arriving at, your appointment, please wear light-colored, workout-type clothing. Your Performance Specialist will want to see your shoulders, spine, ribs, hips, knees and ankles as best they can. For women, if you aren’t comfortable wearing a sports bra, please wear a tank top. For men, please wear a t-shirt and shorts. For both males and females please wear or bring tennis shoes. You can bring your clothes to change into if need-be.


Your first appointment will include:

  • Discussing your symptoms, current struggles, and ultimate goals with your Performance Specialist.
  • Postural photos (photos will be updated throughout the process to document postural changes).
  • Postural analysis and discussion of compensations and dysfunctions that may be contributing to your pain.
  • Functional testing.
  • Gait analysis.
  • Execution of your recommended routines, designed to restore function to your body and eliminate pain.
  • An emailed website invitation with PDFs and videos of how to do each exercise.


  • You will continue to do your recommended routines daily in your own home. You and your Performance Specialist can discuss any questions or concerns that arise as you work through your exercises.
  • Your Performance Specialist will suggest the desired amount of time between appointments. Remember, UpRight Movement is a process, which includes: Mindset, Recovery, Nutrition/Hydration, and Movement. Click here to learn about the UpRight Movement Principles.

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What is Movement 101?

In Movement 101 we explain and break down human movement and the why, how, what and when of recommended routines. We will be practicing essential patterns with a focus on function and feeling better.

Fundamental movements that will be covered:

Breathing, Gripping, Head-Eye Tracking, Reaching and Leg Raising, Supine, Rolling, Prone, Hip Flexion/Extension, Crawling, Half Kneeling, Full Kneeling, Transitional Movements, Short Foot Posture, and Gait.

  • Emphasis is on empowering you with the ability to perform your recommended routines successfully.
  • Q & A. Detailed answers to your movement and training questions.
  • Small classes mean more individual attention. Movement 101: Requires 2 – 4 people per group for class to be conducted.

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What is Training?

Training builds upon your recommended routines and Movement 101. Your phase of training will be relevant to your needs and intended results. All to support you in feeling, moving, and performing better whatever your demands are.

Our seamlessly integrated training systems approach is guided by the following:

  • Safety throughout the process (exercise does not need to be distressing). We continually monitor your technical proficiency, intensity, volume, and regeneration.
  • Physical and movement asymmetries minimized
  • Reduced injury risk potential
  • Movement and performance development
  • Continual results



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What is Regeneration?

Regeneration: The Regeneration piece is often missing from other programs but it’s really the key for improving overall performance. Recovery or Regeneration is more than rest days. It’s a mindset integrating strategies of breathing, sleep, nutrition/hydration, soft-tissue work, and other self-care that we choose to live every day, week, month, and year.


Daily Regeneration Monitor Troubleshoot

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How can I tell if I am developing more functional UpRight Movement efficiency?

In addition to the developmental goals you may also notice:

  1. You can perform exercises that you couldn’t before
  2. Your symptom is reduced and you are doing more
  3. It takes longer before you feel your symptom
  4. You are able to hold better posture without trying
  5. You feel more energetic
  6. You feel lighter on your feet

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How do I prevent a fitness setback?

Training within your functional limits is critical to preventing training-related setbacks. UpRight Movement’s three-phase training system is designed to demonstrate the techniques consistent with your phase of function.

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Why the AM and PM exercises?

Modern civilization often has us in restricted positions that often center on sitting; this is counter to UpRight Movement function. Our bodies need to move constantly to keep our muscles functioning. These morning and evening exercises help to take the posture of sitting out of your body. An AM routine is designed to wake up all of your muscles evenly and prepare them for the day. The PM routine is designed to undo any uneven muscular usage during the day and will prevent you from waking up with a stiff neck and back.

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What are exercise supplements and restoratives?

Exercise supplements and restoratives are designed to offset the lack of movement during the course of your day. These supplements and restoratives may seem simple, although they are powerful and aid in structural and movement health. For many they are less demanding than training, however they are supportive and equally important. Each supplement and restorative can be used to elicit different responses. They are used by UpRight Movement Performance Specialists to help you achieve results.

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