Unlock Your Potential

Unlock Your Potential

“Look to the nervous system as the key to maximum health.”



UpRight Movement is now affiliated with Halo Neuroscience. Because movement is about skill development, we are partnering with Halo Neuroscience to stimulate your nervous system and help you enhance your movement skills.

Halo Sport, the first product from Halo Neuroscience, applies the science of neurostimulation to athletic training. Designed to integrate seamlessly into your workout, Halo Sport stimulates the brain’s motor cortex during training to accelerate improvements in strength, skill, and explosiveness. This scientific process is called Neuropriming. In essence, pairing Halo Sport with training makes practice more productive for the athlete.

Halo Sport was developed after an exhaustive review of a decade of scientific research, and rigorous testing with thousands of users by their team of experienced neuroscientists and engineers. Halo Sport is designed to the highest standard of engineering, incorporating Halo’s extensive patented technology for reliability, usability, and effectiveness.

Scientifically, Neuropriming with Halo Sport places the brain’s motor cortex in a temporary state of hyperplasticity, or hyperlearning. When paired with athletic training, Halo Sport facilitates the development of stronger, more optimized neuromuscular output. Neuropriming refines the brain’s ability to learn and adapt to athletic training, which allows athletes to achieve results faster.

A Neuropriming session runs for 20 minutes. Learning benefits last for about the following 60 minutes. For best results, most athletes begin their Neuropriming session during their warm-up then transition to training, feeding the brain deliberate, quality, and intense repetitions.

Athletes unable to use Halo Sport while training, such as swimmers in a pool, complete their entire Neuropriming session during a warm-up. The goal is – as much as possible – to focus on high quality and high intensity reps during neurostimulation and during the subsequent hour.

Relative beginners may see measurable improvement after just a few Neuropriming sessions. Elite-level athletes generally see results after two weeks.

Repetition is how the brain learns – from foreign languages to math – and, for an athlete, physical movement and strength.

That’s why pairing a Neuropriming session with high-intensity, high-quality reps is so important. By combining your toughest workouts with Neuropriming, the brain is optimally primed to benefit – with maximum motor learning potential.

This leads to strengthened, more organized neuromuscular connections and a quicker commitment of new skills to muscle memory.

Just like learning foreign languages or math, the brain integrates newly-developed motor skills when you practice a skill. This is exactly what happens with Halo Sport – as you train, your brain integrates new information that is maintained long term. Scientists refer to this phenomenon of lasting gains as a “durable response.”

In other words, once you acquire a new motor skill with Halo, you’ve got it. Like any other skill, however, you need to keep practicing to maintain your edge. That’s why pairing Halo Sport with a dedicated training regimen is so important. With regular training, athletes will maintain and continue improvements in skill and/or strength – whichever goal they target while Neuropriming.

Power Your Health, Movement and Performance with Halo Neuroscience. The Pillars of long lasting change are: Mindset, Recovery, Nutrition/Hydration, and Movement. For further assistance see UpRight Movement’s Regeneration Guidelines.

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