Feel Better Camp

Feel Better Camp

Do You want to Feel Better?

Feel Better Camp

Requires 2 – 4 people per group for camp to be conducted


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  • Feel Better Camp is designed to help improve physical fitness and performance in a group setting. During these hour-long classes an increased emphasis is placed on restoring joint function, establishing proper movement patterns and safely introducing dynamic movement to your body.
  •  Create a better understanding of safe and healthy movement and your physical abilities.
  •  Achieve success beyond your own expectations.
  •  In 4 weeks you will Feel Better than you ever have.

Wondering if Feel Better Camp is for you?

Individuals New to Training (Phase 1)
Designed to safely introduce movement into the entire body and progressively increase your level of fitness.

Individuals with Chronic/Long Standing Conditions
Designed for individuals who have completed treatment for an injury or medical condition and are ready to get more active by safely transitioning into training.

Athletes/Active Individuals Needing to Restore Alignment and Function After an Event
Designed to help with recovery, minor strains, reaction from contact within a sport and to restore alignment.

Individuals Wanting to Improving Bone & Joint Health
Designed for individuals with bone density or load-bearing issues who have difficulty training.


  •  Personalized modifications based on ability level.
  •  Digital files of recommended at-home exercise routines.
  •  Email check-in
  •  15 % OFF All of UpRight Movement’s Training Services during your time in Feel Better Camp.
  •  Guaranteed results commensurate to your level of commitment.
  •  The knowledge, experience, and confidence that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to!


For your safety and successful participation in the Feel Better Camp, it is highly recommended that you be able to get down onto the floor and back up unassisted. If you are not currently capable, please contact us to discuss your options.

Also, please complete the registration and medical waiver on-line. After the waiver is completed, our website will direct you to a schedule and payment screen, but there is no need schedule or pay on-line. An invoice for Feel Better Camp will be emailed to you. If you have difficulties with the on-line waiver, you can print out the form, fill it out manually, and bring it with you to your first Feel Better Camp class.

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$149/a Month

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