“Good broth will resurrect the dead”

“Good broth will resurrect the dead”

“Good broth will resurrect the dead,” says a South American proverb.



Broth is considered to be both a food and a medicine! It’s known to heal the skin, gut, GI tract, aid in digestion and even help you beat that cold you’ve been suffering from. Because broth is an extract of connective tissue, it is great for ailments affecting, joints, bones, lungs, muscle tissue and blood. Incorporating bone broth into your established eating patterns can yield tremendous medicinal effects. A cup a day keeps the doctor away!

“Stock contains minerals in a form the body can absorb easily—not just calcium but also magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur and trace minerals. It contains the broken down material from cartilage and tendons–stuff like chondroitin sulphates and glucosamine, now sold as expensive supplements for arthritis and joint pain.” Sally Fallon, westonaprice.org.

For those of you who would like the health benefits of broth without having to prepare it, there are alternatives: you can order directly and have it delivered by Pete’s Paleo and The Brothery. You can also make Bone Broth Tea, a type of “quick broth” that requires no cooking, using Great Lakes Gelatin.

Here’s a recipe for Bone Broth Tea using Great Lakes Gelatin:

1 – 2 Tablespoons Gelatin powder dissolved in an equal amount of room temperature water,

Add 1/2 – 1 teaspoon Coconut oil and a Ginger or Peppermint teabag (fresh ginger or peppermint leaves may also be used)

Pour 1 cup boiling water over the top and steep 5 minutes, or until cool enough to consume.

Drink a cup of Bone Broth Tea 3 times daily. Bone Broth Tea supports ligaments, tendons, cartilage as well as muscle. It also enhances mental and emotional balance. The supplement is high in bioavailable protein, is 100% absorbed and utilized, and is also extremely high in the amino acids glycine and proline that are notably deficient in most other sources of protein.

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