Hit Farther, Play Better, Golf More with UpRight Movement

Hit Farther, Play Better, Golf More with UpRight Movement

GOLF FITNESS: Hit Farther, Play Better, and Golf More


The featured image illustrates the proper force sequence in delivering the downswing in golf. If your mechanics and management of ground reaction forces within your downswing is off, at some point you may experience back pain, or even an injury of your back, elbow(s), wrist(s), shoulder(s), and/or knee(s).

Golf Fitness:

There is another way. Yes. Believe it or not, golfers need to take care of their bodies too.

You may not be running miles, or taking hits on the field, but you need to be STRONG & FUNCTIONAL to play this game for the long haul.

Back pain? Elbow Pain? Wrist Pain? Shoulders Pain? Knee Pain? Many of these symptoms may sound far too familiar and many of you may have them. Whether you’re a weekend golfer or at the Professional level, everyone deserves to play their best golf and move without pain.

Improve your driving distance, reduce your score while reducing your potential for injury by making gains in every area, including stability, flexibility, power, strength, conditioning, and regeneration.

UpRight Movement Can Help You to Feel and Play Your Best!

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