MOVEOLOGY: Essential Functional Movement

MOVEOLOGY: Essential Functional Movement

Learn-By-Doing: Essential Functional Movements, The 1, 2, 3, 4 of Movement


“Movement is Essential, Exercise is Optional.”

Frank Forencich, Exuberant Animal


MOVEOLOGY: Essential Functional Movement




Requires 2 – 4 people per group for class to be conducted



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Do you want to start exercising but feel tight, out of shape, or uncoordinated? UpRight Movement is offering a Learn-By-Doing class to teach you the Why, How, and What of essential bodyweight functional movements that offer the most well rounded benefits emphasizing movement literacy for your time and efforts.

Movement/Exercises to be covered:

1. Supine – Rolling – Prone

  • Supine Inline Crawling
  • Supine Lateral Crawl
  • Upper Body Rolling
  • Lower Body Rolling
  • Prone Sphinx

2. Quadruped – Tripod

  • Supine Crawling
  • Side-Sitting Position with Arm Support
  • Half Kneeling Tripod
  • Crawling Under Obstacle

3. Transitions

  • Full Kneeling
  • Half Kneeling
  • Deep Knee Bend to Tripod on Beam
  • Tripod Style Get Up

4. Standing

  • Split Squat Reach on Beam
  • Forward Stepping Under
  • Lateral Stepping Under
  • Confined Space Stepping Over
  • Sit – Rising

The Movement Education class will focus on introducing the UpRight Movement Approach and the Why, How, and What of essential bodyweight functional movements. The development you can gain from your technical proficiency with the class movements will provide you with a sound level of “movement literacy” that may better position you for more demanding exercise. Participants who choose to sign up for UpRight Movement training services afterwards will receive a 10% savings. Class is limited to 4 participants, so please reserve your space today!

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