Primitive Postures of Restoration

“There are four positions of Zen: Lying Zen, Sitting Zen, Standing Zen, and Walking Zen.” Alan Watts   The terms biomimetics and biomimicry come from Ancient Greek: βίος (bios), life, and μίμησις (mīmēsis), imitation, from μιμεῖσθαι (mīmeisthai), to imitate, from μῖμος (mimos), actor. Influenced by Biomimetics or biomimicry is the imitation of the models, systems, […]

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Sit-Rising Test

To Stand is to Be Human

The hallmark of our species is walking upright on two legs- bipedalism. Getting up and down from the ground is an example of a “squat pattern”, which is the precursor to walking. When we start losing function within our bodies, it has an impact on the whole system. To see how you may be doing […]

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