Training + Rehab = Training

Training + Rehab = Training

“Fitness is the ability to consistently thrive and function within the demands of your environment.”

Corey Jung, Founder and Performance Specialist of UpRight Movement


When all is equal, those who can manage Ground Reaction Forces optimally Feel, Move, and Perform Better.

Intelligent Training + Optimal Recovery + Durability + Adaptability = Better Life Performance

Performance Training Continuum

UpRight Movement is introducing its Performance Training Continuum. An integrated training system that takes you from rehabilitation to performance; an approach that is based on the interconnectedness of the human body.

Consider the Performance Training Continuum if you have an injury history, are currently injured, or have been recently discharged from rehabilitation. Depending on the demands of your environment, you may want to develop your body’s fitness to support your sound performance in whatever activities you are involved in.

Injury is an indicator of stress that goes beyond the threshold of one or more systems within the human body, and/or sub-optimal recovery. UpRight Movement is a Force Multiplier and can help you to build more stress tolerance and reinforce any treatment or rehabilitation you may already be doing to develop self-efficacy and long term physiological adaptation.

UpRight Movement is here to support you to be Fit to Perform within any environment!

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