When Hungry, Eat. When Thirsty, Drink. When Tired, Sleep.

When Hungry, Eat. When Thirsty, Drink. When Tired, Sleep.

Look to the season when choosing your cure.



All of the natural world lives and thrives with cyclical rhythms. As the sun shines upon one horizon, the moon beams upon another; one offers a time for more movement and the other for more rest. The seasonal rhythms of Spring and Summer have more temperate weather and longer days that support new life and increased activity, while the shorter days of Fall and cold Winter temperatures offer opportunities for restoration and regeneration.

Often the period between October and April marks the cold and flu season across the Northern hemisphere. Perhaps a few reasons that can leave us more vulnerable to illness are:

  • Decreased outdoor exposure of light and air
  • Increased indoor exposure to people who have the cold/flu
  • Increased Holiday Stress
  • Increased Sugar and Alcohol consumption

With these added holiday-season stressors, it may be even more important during this time of the year to balance your life and support your health and fitness. Consider the upcoming change of seasons as an opportunity to pay attention to how your body feels and practice balance. This might include more cheer, rest, sound nourishing food, appropriate restorative movement; and perhaps less guilt, food deprivation, and excessive workouts.

The Pillars of long lasting change are: Mindset, Recovery, Nutrition/Hydration, and Movement. You can power your recovery, health and performance with UpRight Movement’s support and its Regeneration Guidelines.